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Life Sciences

Our Proposition

UKIHMA’s Life Sciences Consultancy experts are UK entities with a diverse range of specialisms. They have the ability to act individually or collectively for international clients on specific healthcare challenges with respect to Life Sciences.

The life sciences industry represents one of the dominant economic sectors in the UK. ‘Health life sciences’ refers to the application of biology and technology to health improvement, including biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, genomics, diagnostics and digital health. It has the advantage of very high productivity compared to other sectors, and generates a wide range of products including drugs, medical technology, diagnostics and digital tools, as well as products for consumer health. The overlap with healthcare continues to grow with increased involvement in clinical trials and with local personalised manufacturing of medicines within healthcare estates.

Our members range from globally recognised firms through to niche and specialist firms involved in different areas of the Life Science cycle.

Our members’ skills cluster around the areas of:

Professional Services – World renowned engineering & process design, architecture, built environment consultancy, economists, business strategists, environmentalists, change managers, investment specialists and digital experts.

Complex Projects and Programmes – Development, programme and project management, Healthcare planning, clinical, finance, health services operational management and informatics, working in collaboration with regulatory authorities and local communities.

Operational and Clinical Excellence – active advisory and support to improve the efficiency, efficacy and outcomes from deep clinical experience, first-hand application and a wide range of methodologies

and qualifications in clinical life sciences, biomedical translational research, DNA Health Solutions, digital health, epigenetics, innovation and improvement in healthcare.

Higher Education – Life sciences expertise from the Higher Education sector acting as the conduit between training, learning, research and industry.

Strategic data transformation – Providing end-to-end data lifecycle consulting, spanning data strategy, data product development and specialist healthcare data services in data science, AI and machine learning.

Developing the Workforce – Online management and leadership training for the healthcare sector.

UK Excellence in Life Sciences

The Consulting Group brings together a wide range of skills from planning, design, strategy, organisation and programme consultants, higher education establishments all the way through to specialists in training and data and analytics, and importantly, NHS organisations that have transformed clinical pathways and can export that expertise internationally.

Within the Life Science sector, significant advances are being made in a number of areas, from biotechnology organisations that specialise in targeted therapeutics with precision medicine, to big-pharma collaborating to develop innovative vaccine solutions. Driving and enabling this to happen is digitisation of the research and development processes, culminating in advanced manufacturing techniques, machine learning and automation.

We sit alongside the other UKIHMA SIGs, in particular Healthcare consultancy and Digital and Infrastructure. The group is a great balance of public and private sector skills of large and small organisations which can come together for unique combinations to shape and deliver solutions to the most challenging issues – at individual, facility, organisational or whole population level, in primary, acute, mental health and beyond, around the world.

Increasing demand from longer living populations, with higher expectations and diverse health needs, continues to create pressures on the system, region and facility level that only wider ranging, experienced consulting approaches can address. This is where the Life Sciences SIG’s diverse nature comes into its own – across our members we can apply our unique collective of skills to solve just about any healthcare challenge.

Life Sciences SIG Members

UKIHMA provides support for just about every imaginable form of Life Science programme, project and operation across countries in all regions of the world.

The full breadth of UKIHMA’s capabilities, skills, expertise and experience ranges from strategy, policy, feasibility, design and construction through to on-going management and education, people and cultural development programmes.

With members from across the UK, UKIHMA houses a wealth of exceptional suppliers. Our members have significant experience operating on the international stage, providing innovative solutions and, where appropriate, building local capability in your region. We enjoy close links with Healthcare UK, relevant UK Government departments, the NHS, as well as various entrepreneurial private sector and academic organisations.

We have set out on the following pages, highlights of selected UKIHMA members with particular expertise in; planning, design, strategy, organisation and programme management, higher education, specific healthcare training and data and analytics plus NHS organisations that have transformed clinical pathways and can export that expertise internationally. Our membership is growing all the time, and by engaging UKIHMA you will be contacting a one stop shop that has access to the range and breadth of the UK Life Sciences Consultancy sector.

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