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Education & Training

Our Proposition

UKIHMA is uniquely placed to bring UK expertise together in creating collaborative solutions. Focused on education and training, our special interest group is a consortia of world-leading partners from across the spectrum of healthcare education and training.

Our extensive experience in this field has enabled us to develop a range of effective solutions for enriching the learning and development experience for healthcare workers across the world. We understand that in order to provide safe, high-quality, effective care, it is fundamental to have a skilled and motivated workforce.

Healthcare is a dynamic and constantly evolving field. Whether our clients are establishing a new workforce who require training or they are seeking to enhance the training of existing staff, UKIHMA is able to tailor an innovative development programme specifically to meet these requirements.

UKIHMA’s Education & Training experts are UK companies from a diverse range of specialisms. They can act individually or collectively for international clients on specific healthcare challenges.

These members range from globally recognised firms through to niche and specialist firms and by being part of UKIHMA, we have strong links to all our other members, bringing complementary insights into all aspects of healthcare design, build and management.

We are passionate about healthcare training, education and workforce development. Our aim is to support our clients in preparing their workforce for successful careers in medicine, nursing and healthcare professions, wherever they are in their career progression.

We accomplish this by offering our world class educational content and innovative teaching and learning technologies to a wide range of organisations, including healthcare providers and government bodies. We also offer our clients data and analytics to aid them in better understanding and improving the effectiveness of their chosen programme outcomes.

We are a group of trusted partners committed to improving healthcare by helping develop the most capable and caring professionals possible.

UK Excellence in Education & Training

Excellence in healthcare relies first and foremost on having a well-educated and skilled workforce. This will in turn drive improvements in clinical outcomes and patient experience.

Advances in medical technologies and treatment options will require the establishment of new roles and responsibilities across health and care services, creating new education and training opportunities.

UKIHMA offers a unique blend of expertise in healthcare education, specialist training and continuous professional development (CPD) for the multi professional team. We work with clients to understand their ambition, to assess their requirements and to create tailored and flexible programmes based on best practice to meet their service objectives.

UKIHMA’s expert offer can be delivered at a national or local level, wherever there is a need to educate and train health and care teams. This may include workforce planning, specialist education and training programmes for both large groups and individuals or consultancy advice to senior executive teams.

Education & Training SIG Members

UKIHMA offers specialist expertise across a comprehensive range of healthcare requirements. The full breadth of UKIHMAs skills, knowledge and experience spans design, build, commissioning and operating high quality facilities with specific expertise in education and training.

Our members are experienced in delivering a comprehensive portfolio of education and training offers which are detailed in this brochure. We
adopt a health and care ecosystem approach to the learning we offer which extends across the multi professional health and care team utilising a range of methods including digital learning platforms and blended solutions.

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