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Excellence in clinical
education and training
to deliver excellence
in clinical care


Innovations in design
and build creating
state of the art
healthcare facilities


Driving advances
in digital and data
technology capability


Specialist clinical
advice from world
renowned centres
of excellence


turn key solutions
supporting world class
healthcare delivery

Special Interest Groups are the powerhouses of ideas

Complementary and supportive of one another, UKIHMA’s Special Interest Groups work in collaboration to define and deliver our propositions

Our Special Interest Groups reflect the capabilities and offers of our members.

They are able to respond flexibly to any requirements, forming consortia across the different groups to create the very best teams in delivering integrated solutions.

UKIHMA is ideally placed for responding rapidly to global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer a comprehensive pandemic preparedness and recovery solution to meet the needs of international clients ranging from frontline hospitals through to regional strategic planners.

We have a Middle East Taskforce to coordinate our members focus on this important region.

& Training

Excellence in healthcare relies first and foremost on having a well-educated and skilled workforce to drive improvements in clinical outcomes and patient experience.

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The Consulting Group brings together a wide range of skills from architecture and design, lawyers, finance, strategy, organisation and programme consultants.

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The delivery of excellence in healthcare relies on having well designed facilities that bring together innovations in design and technology, reflecting a global desire for sustainability and ‘green’ infrastructure.

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Hospital Operations
& Management

Hospital Operations & Management spans a diverse portfolio of expert advice and support, working with clients in delivering long-term operational management of healthcare facilities.

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& Data

Digital & Data brings together industry leaders and internationally focused NHS bodies to offer this combined capability to you.

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