Brent Emergency Care & Diagnostic Centre, London, UK

HLM with Avanti Architects were lead architects for the Bouygues Consortium who were appointed as Preferred Bidder in 2002 for the new BECaD Unit for Central Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust.
The new buildings are physically and operationally linked to the pioneering ACAD building on the same site. The new Emergency centre offers a radical clinical prototype for 21st century healthcare and civic identity for a deprived inner city community.

The BECaD centre contains separate emergency receiving facilities for adults and children, in terms of both Urgent Treatment and Major Assessment as well as a series of specialist expert consulting suites, operating theatres, hot and cold imaging, intensive care, and step down arrangement of inpatient beds.

The architectural design reflects an innovative model of care which involves a fundamental reconfiguration patient process and staff roles based on the integration of multidisciplinary care systems, pathways, and protocols. The colocation of local emergency facilities within an ambulatory care setting is intended to remove the traditional demarcation between primary and secondary healthcare services in a manner which is more accessible and responsive to the local community served.

The new building was conceived as a prime catalyst in the wider urban regeneration of Park Royal and HLM were responsible for the preparation of an overall Healthcare Campus Masterplan which created an appropriate context for the new hospital at the heart of the community, and identified significant opportunities for other related developments and thereby maximised the value of the existing hospital estate for disposal and other uses.

Through an embedded sustainable design approach a NEAT Excellent rating was achieved.

Client                           Central Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust/Bouygues UK

Project Value               £60m

Size                              27,000 m sq



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