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Introduction -
Advanced Clinical Solutions (ACS) is a professional services provider of patient safety, clinical compliance, and quality improvement support to private healthcare organisations.
We work with organisations and their teams to deliver high quality clinical care and services, through a unique holistic partnership approach involving evaluation, audit, inspection, training, and education.

Our experienced team of Healthcare professionals understand the intricacies of working within the highly pressurised and regulated Healthcare care sector, and our ability to communicate from board to floor allow us to drive a culture of best practise across whole organisations.

Services -
Clinical Governance - ACS has significant experience in the development of clinical governance systems for healthcare organisations. Good clinical governance helps to maintain and improve the quality of patient care. It addresses those structures, systems and processes that assure the quality, accountability and proper management of an organisation’s operation and delivery of service. Good clinical governance and management is essential when providing any healthcare service. Where services have good clinical governance, patients enjoy better care and a high-quality service that protects and promotes their rights.

Clinical Audit - Evaluating an organisations performance by conducting regular organisational wide clinical audits and quality improvement projects can be time consuming and it may be challenging for an organisation to remain objective. ACS has the expertise and tools to support and assist organisations in developing practical, useful, and effective clinical audit and quality improvement mechanisms. We provide an independent and unbiased assessment of the quality of care delivered in your organisation. Clinical audits highlight areas of good practice and opportunities for improvement.

Clinical Incident Investigations - Monitoring of incidents and safeguarding concerns to prevent them from happening or reoccurring can be difficult to manage in any healthcare setting as many factors can influence the day to day practices of an organisation.

ACS utilises tried and tested methodologies in root cause analysis, and includes a structured documentation review, onsite staff interviews and analysis. The output of this provides an action plan to address key areas of risk for your organisation around patient safety, quality improvement and learning the lessons from the events. ACS also provides hands-on support to help resolve these issues.

Education and Training - Keeping up to date with new regulation, standards and clinical evidence requires training and updates. ACS want to help your organisation to ensure all services and current clinical practices provided are in line with a current clinical evidence base. Our staff are trained healthcare professionals.

COVID-19 & Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) – With extensive expertise in Infection Prevention & Control we understand the benefits of having a robust and effective framework. We have implemented bespoke policies, procedures and audits alongside in-depth staff training providing organisations with the knowledge to excel in their day to day requirements, whilst being confident that they can handle any outbreaks.
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