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What kind of opportunities does UKIHMA access?

We scan a large number of procurement portals around the world to seek out commercial opportunities for our members. These may be for large scale infrastructure projects or specific specialist requirements including digital and education projects. We aim to identify a variety of schemes that are relevant to the wide spectrum of capabilities of our members. Some of these may require a consortium bid and we facilitate the creation of these from within our membership.

Do I have to be a member to join a consortium?

Access to our opportunities and being part of consortia is one of the key UKIHMA member benefits. It may be that, on occasion, a client requires a specialist skill set that our current members do not have and in that case, we would seek those skills from an outside organisation but in order for them to continue to play a part in the consortium, they would be required to join UKIHMA.

Iā€™m an overseas healthcare provider looking to access the NHS / UK – how can UKIHMA help me?

We can provide you with access to the specialist skills, experience and expertise of our members to support you in managing your healthcare project. Where there is a genuine and validated opportunity , we will actively promote your project to our members and will create a team tailored to your specific needs.

Do you invest in healthcare projects?

UKIHMA does not actively invest in overseas healthcare projects but we do work closely with UK Export Finance who are able to facilitate access to a wide range of funding sources. We also have a number of key financial partners around the world who can facilitate the funding of specific projects.

How much does it cost to join UKIHMA?

We have different membership rates and flexible payment plans according to the size of your organisation.

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