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Creative Thinking – Healthcare Solutions

Advances in treatments, technology, organisation models offer new approaches for delivering excellence in health and social care – let UKIHMA’s leaders work on your biggest challenges through a novel ‘hackathon’ style working session.

Drawing on the rich expertise and experience of our members in all aspects of healthcare design, build and delivery, we can work with you to creatively problem solve, address barriers to change and jointly prepare a refreshing, innovative range of options for collaboration.


  • The United Kingdom International Healthcare Management Association (UKIHMA) is a membership trade organisation established over 8 years ago by Healthcare UK, part of the UK government.
  • UKIHMA’s diverse membership base has expert skills and experience ranging from strategic planning and feasibility studies, design and build, education and training, digital and med tech innovations through to longer term facilities management and value based assurance on all aspects of health and care.
  • We are a solutions based organisation, creating tailored packages of support in response to clients specific requirements.
  • Our support in creative problem solving is free of charge and will result in both new ideas for you to take forward and commercial business offers, at no obligation.

Harnessing the very best of UK expertise

Our Capabilities

Expert Clinical Advice

UKIHMA provides access to a complete range of expert clinical advice across the patient pathway from primary care and early diagnosis through to complex specialist services and rehabilitation.

Financing and Financial Modelling

UKIHMA specialises in accessing funding through both equity and debt strategies, including Export Finance (ECA) funding to secure finance and liquidity solutions for the Global project market. UKIHMA has links to a broad range of funders, banks, financial and legal advisors to support the development of innovative financing models.

Healthcare Facilities

UKIHMA offers some of the most experienced healthcare planners, architects, engineers, project, cost & construction managers and contractors to create and manage world class healthcare facilities.

Education and Training

UKIHMA offers unparalleled access to education and training from undergraduate and postgraduate studies and in all clinical disciplines as well as specialist clinical training leadership and management.

Digital and Data Technology

UKIHMA provides access to leading edge companies providing the latest innovations in digital solutions. Offers include electronic patient records, demand and capacity modelling and digital delivery platforms.

Specialist Equipping

UKIHMA facilitates the scoping, purchase, delivery and installation of the full range of healthcare equipment. From core hospital requirements to highly specialist robotic surgery and oncology care, UKIHMA offers client focused solutions including long-term maintenance.

Our Offer

We offer healthcare organisations new perspectives on health and care challenges, through creative solutions ‘hackathon’ style workshops. Our approach covers 4 key stages:

  • Scoping – initial discussion to define the problem and frame potential solutions.
  • Exploring – the hackathon style workshop(s) with UK experts to explore new and innovative approaches to address the problem.
  • Advising – presentation and exploration of potential ideas, solutions and next steps.
  • Proposing – selection of solutions and commercial business propositions for you to take forward and / or us to support.


  • Access to UK commercial and NHS expertise.
  • External review and recommendations on your current and future needs.
  • Menu of solutions and options for implementation.
  • Opportunities for commercial business partnerships.
  • No obligation to take forward our offers of support.
  • Contact us at to explore how we can help.
Contact Us

For further information simply visit our contact page. Alternatively connect with us through social media.