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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UKIHMA?

    UKIHMA is a trade association, owned and operated by its members. UKIHMA was set up 18 months ago by UK government agency Healthcare UK as a way of creating partnership / consortium led responses to overseas requests for UK organisations to help run healthcare facilities. UKIHMA members are now actively pursuing overseas opportunities together.

  • What kind of opportunities does UKIHMA access?

    Via our strategic partners Healthcare UK and our own and our members contacts and networks UKIHMA has access to a large number of of opportunities around the world in markets including China, South America, SouthEast Asia and the Middle East. These opportunities are for the management of hospitals and healthcare facilites and can include, build, operation, maintenance, staffing, training and many more elements, usually requiring a partnership or consortium response from various members of UKIHMA.

  • Do I have to be a member to join a consortium?

    Ideally yes. There maybe situations where a consortium approaches a non-member with a specific skill set but members will always be given priority when it comes to being part of the partnership to approach a project or opportunity.

  • I’m an overseas healthcare provider looking to access the NHS / UK how can UKIHMA help me?

    We can provide you with access to the skills, experience and expertise you need to help manage your projects and facilities around the world through our members extensive knowledge and expertise. Where there is a genuine and validated opportunity we can help to promote your project actively to our membership and look to put together a bespoke consortium of our members to match your needs.

  • Do you invest in healthcare projects?

    UKIHMA and it’s members do not actively invest in overseas healthcare projects but rather provide the skills and delivery. We can however introduce you to banks, funders and advisors who can help.

  • How much does it cost to join?

    We have different membership rates and flexible payment plans according to the size of your organisation. For more information, please contact


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