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South Australia Health

Women’s and Children’s Services

The Brief

Planning Adelaide’s replacement women’s and children’s hospital provided an opportunity to review and redesign services to align with international best practice. ETL contributed to the project’s healthcare planning team as International references advisors and as healthcare planning peer reviewers.
Appointed as expert advisers, ETL facilitated stakeholder workshops on the topics of international trends in healthcare planning and design that we deemed most pertinent to women’s and children’s and services. We explored with stakeholders the option of a combined women’s and children’s hospital versus separate facilities.

In our workshops, ETL led discussions to elect strategic planning priorities, including site selection criteria. Workshopped key questions in a structured fashion to help develop and agree principles for service and facility planning. ETL,

  • Delivered workshops to help establish a vision for the project, as well as the system-wide opportunities to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and patient experience. These set the scene for further workshopping and briefing development by our Australian healthcare planning partners leading the project.
  • We led presentations and workshop discussions on leading international healthcare providers, identifying innovation in models of care, patient pathways, workforce strategies and adoption of technology. These presentations highlighted key trends shaping the future of women’s and children’s services.
  • We presented on evidence-based design to help stakeholders develop planning and design principles, as well as establish guiding principles for a future-ready facility.

Alongside our Australian partners on this project, we provided the client with a framework commanding wide stakeholder support for the transformation of women’s and children’s services. This formed a basis for subsequent detailed clinical and functional briefs and schedules of accommodation to inform facility design. These were later peer reviewed by ETL.

Relevant knowledge and experience applied to this project:

  • Knowledge of leading-edge models of care
  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Strategic healthcare planning
  • Experience of health care systems around the world, including Australia
  • Design assessment skills
  • Evidence-based healthcare design
  • Lean clinical services design
  • Flows of healthcare, including physical and digital
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