Our broad membership base offers the skills needed to plan, design, build and run hospitals and primary care facilities.

It includes supporting services such as quality assurance, technology, IT, commissioning, education and financial service offering. Members can rapidly come together to offer a unique end-to-end solution for more complex opportunities.

As a membership association, UKIHMA enables members to rapidly come together in response to international opportunities, and create successful partnerships that bring many elements of healthcare provision together, in a single service line offer, or in a complete end-to-end solution.


Access to Partners

UKIHMA facilitates connections between members, encouraging collaboration between commercial and NHS organisations and enabling them to build new partnership that strengthen their service proposition, value and global reach.

Do you want to win new international business? Would your organisation benefit from market intelligence, strategic partnerships and practical to target new opportunities overseas?

If the answer is “yes” on both counts, your organisation’s next step should be to join the new UK International Healthcare Management Association (UKIHMA). UKIHMA’s mission is to share, promote and grow the capability of UK providers to win contracts to manage healthcare services overseas.

It has been set up by a group of pioneering public and private sector organisation which are committed to innovate and collaborative approaches to international business expansions. We are now seeking interested NHS and commercial organisation to become members of UKIHMA. This is your opportunity to become a member of a network that will act as ther catalyst for the UK healthcare management sector to win a much larger share of the growing global opportunities.


To support the profitable development of business opportunities for it members by collating key data on international projects which include a healthcare management component.
To enable the UK healthcare management sector to respond effectively to international business opportunities.


Membership is open to commercial and NHS organisations actively engaged in:

  • The design, delivery and planning of care and clinical services, research, training and staffing.
  • The provision of “hard” and “soft” facilities management and niche healthcare services (cleaning, sterilisation, clinical waste management etc.)
  • The procurement, installation, maintenance and operation of medical technologies and equipment, electronic patient systems and the analysis of data.
  • The design, construction, project management and operation of healthcare facilities.
  • The design packaging and implementation of financial management and support.


Projects will be identified and passed to UKIHMA through Healthcare UK, UKTI, other trade bodies and independent routes.

UKIHMA will investigate all relevant opportunities to provide members with a concise commentary on each, following a feasibility assessment based on five key criteria.

Policy framework alignment

  • Evaluate the financial capability and strength of the project owner
  • Determine the finances available to the project owner
  • Identify challenges to project finance
  • Investigate investment potential

Member Area